Diya Sain is India's one of the best Indian Women Kushti wrestler of present day scoring 66 medals at a short span. She is from a family of wrestlers. Her father Suraj Pahalwan and Grand father Sh. Rajinder Singh of Village Purbalian, District Mujaffar Nagar Uttar Pardesh , were also very fine wrestlers of their time. Suraj Pahlwan wanted to make his son Dev Sain a good wrestler. Divya followed on the footsteps of her brother at a very young age . Although from a fortune less family , she went on to become a champion in India.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

In this video ,( shot in the month of november 26 at a village of Meerut, ) Women wrestler Divya sain fights with his male opponent, who is stronger than her, but it is the sheer skills and techniques of the girl , which helped her pin her opponent and won the match. This match was also witnessed by a local daily newspaper who are writing a story on her , and want to witness her fights with male wrestlers by their own eyes,
I am really very sorry to say that Indian mainline newspapers have doubts in their conscience , and want to clear it .
भोले की झाल के पास गाँव सलावा के विक्रम ठाकुर ने जिला मेरठ में यह शानदार दंगल कराया। यह प्राचीन दंगल सौ साल से भी ऊपर से चला आ रहा हैं। दिव्या सेन की कुश्ती यहाँ लड़कियों से हुई। फिर दिव्या ने कहा की मै लड़कों से भी लड़ने को तैयार हूँ। फिर मेरठ का ही पहलवान दिव्या से लड़ा। कुश्ती शानदार हुई। दिव्या के प्रतिद्वंदी पहलवान के दादा ने भी दिव्या को इनाम देकर मान सम्मान किया।
Thanks, Pahalwan ji ( Deepak A.P.)


Divya looks as strong as a bull, but the boy proves his greater arm and shoulder strength as he controls her arms in the middle of the bout. She knows how to use her whole body to overcome that disadvantage.

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