Diya Sain is India's one of the best Indian Women Kushti wrestler of present day scoring 66 medals at a short span. She is from a family of wrestlers. Her father Suraj Pahalwan and Grand father Sh. Rajinder Singh of Village Purbalian, District Mujaffar Nagar Uttar Pardesh , were also very fine wrestlers of their time. Suraj Pahlwan wanted to make his son Dev Sain a good wrestler. Divya followed on the footsteps of her brother at a very young age . Although from a fortune less family , she went on to become a champion in India.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Divya Sain plays big: - fights with Neelam, Tulsiram Sablaania Dangal, Rajindera Place, Delhi.

ये कुश्ती दिव्या सैन और नीलम पहलवान के बीच तुलसीराम सबलानिया जी द्वारा राजिंदरा प्लेस , नई दिल्ली में कराये गए , मैट कम्पटीशन की हैं। इस कुश्ती में दिया अपने से सीनियर पहलवान नीलम के साथ कुश्ती दिखा रही हैं। नीलम को वर्षों कुश्ती का भरपूर अनुभव हैं , दिव्या सैन ने नीलम के साथ बेहतरीन कुश्ती दिखाई। 

 This is a wrestling match on mat , between Divya Sain and Neelam. Neelam is an experienced wrestler , while she attempts to pin divya while she counters back and put a great show before the watching crowd. The venue is Rajindera place , New Delhi, and the competition is organised by Tulsi Ram Sablaania.

इस कुश्ती पर मेरे यूट्यूब चैनल के कमेंट्स नीचे हैं :-

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pls be carefule he is a kid!!
if she/he is a girl i for sorry for her
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is there any more wrestling of the red girl. She is young and wrestles very well. What's her age?
The girl in blue looks bigger and stronger. She tried to muscle the other girl into submission, but the other girl is a better wrestler.
is the young boy or girl?
@DarkxRoxasxLight oey galla na kad kanjeri deya jwaka
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yeah both are girls,, prianka ji, the boy looking girl is a junior girl who challanged a girl bigger than his size.. yet she even wrestles with boys of her age.. i already have her video wrestling with boys. she is a very good girl , you can see how she fight with a bigger girl than her.. This is the video from Rajindra place , 30th wrestling championship .. at New Delhi
whats is the name of thegirl in blue costume??i have seen her lot of matches ??
Nice that two girls can wrestle in Your country. You say You have clips where she wrestles boys - where can we find them?

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1 year ago

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