Diya Sain is India's one of the best Indian Women Kushti wrestler of present day scoring 66 medals at a short span. She is from a family of wrestlers. Her father Suraj Pahalwan and Grand father Sh. Rajinder Singh of Village Purbalian, District Mujaffar Nagar Uttar Pardesh , were also very fine wrestlers of their time. Suraj Pahlwan wanted to make his son Dev Sain a good wrestler. Divya followed on the footsteps of her brother at a very young age . Although from a fortune less family , she went on to become a champion in India.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Divya Sain plays big :- Guru Chandgi Ram Gold Cup, Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi

गुरु चंदगी राम जी कुश्ती के जादूगर हुए हैं। महिला कुश्ती की शुरुआत का श्रेय भी उन्हें ही जाता हैं। गुरु जी की दूसरी पुण्यतिथि पर उनकी याद में इंदिरा गांधी स्टेडियम नई दिल्ली में कराये गए , गुरु चंदगी राम गोल्ड कप में दिव्या सैन की कुश्ती , हरयाणा की एक महिला पहलवान से हुई। कुश्ती में दिव्या सैन हावी रही , और उन्होंने मात्र 20 सेकंड में अपने प्रतिद्वंदी पहलवान को कलाजंग दांव पर चित्त कर कुश्ती अपने नाम की। 

 Guru Chandgi ram ji has been a prominent wrestling personality throughout his life. He is the man who started the women wresting in India. After he went to his heavenly abode, his son Hind Kesri Jagdish Kaliraman started a title competition in wrestling called " Guru Chandgi Ram Gold cup " . In this second edition of the event , Divya sain fights with an opponent from Haryana. Divya sain did well and won the bout withing 20 seconds pinning her opponent on an the technique called fireman's carry or Kalajung in India.


 इस कुश्ती पर मेरे यूट्यूब चैनल के कमेंट्स नीचे हैं :-


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